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Weekly Favorites 5/16/14

Wow! I have no idea where this week went! I’m glad Friday has arrived so I can rest a little before an even busier week begins on Monday. This week’s links are going to be a little different. With the idea of a new home firmly on my mind, I’ve found a lot of things I would like to do in this new home. Here are some of my favorite ideas that I’ve found so far.



I will be the first to tell you that I hate picking tile. However, I love the tile that was picked for this kitchen. I would definitely like something similar to this in our house.

dark grey master bedroomI’ve been talking about painting our current master gray for a while, but this room totally sold me on the idea. Follow the link for more pictures…I love this room!

Five FREE ways to add Art & Beauty to your home, now! via @fieldstonehill

I’m now looking for pretty plates just so I can do this one day. I just love how pretty this is!


I think this is the prettiest laundry room I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if I will have this much space or not, but I would love to have something like this.

I’m loving this look for the bathroom. What’s this? Another DIY project? I do believe so! This vanity is just too pretty and has a nice country charm.

These are some of the ideas I’ve come across over the past few months that really made me smile. Hopefully I will be able to do something like these ideas for the new house. 🙂



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Weekly Favorites 5/9/14

I just realized I forgot to post my favorites last week. I guess I was too busy enjoying my first day of summer, since Thursday was my last day of work for the school year. I love my job, but I’m glad to have my afternoons back for a while. I guess that means I have more time to try new recipes, craft and sew! Here’s what I found this week!

I just found this today, and it was added to my “must make” list immediately. I love a good wristlet/clutch. I haven’t checked the measurements on this yet, but I have high hopes of it being large enough to accommodate my phone. If it will hold my phone, keys, and ID, I’m making this very soon.

easy-tee-maxi-dress-how-to-sew-tutorial-make-1This dress looks so comfortable! It’s hard for me to find long dresses because I’m short, so I don’t own any. I would love to make this one for myself. I’m usually not one to pick white, but I’m loving this fabric as well.

50 amazing wood shim DIY project Tutorials @savedbyloves

This site has some really cute ideas for using wood shims. It slightly overwhelms me to look at all the ideas simply because I like so many of them. I have no idea which one to pick first!

How to Make Stepping Stones (she: Roberta) - Or so she says...This is a great tutorial on how to make your own decorative stepping stones. I had seen people decorate stones from the store, but I had never considered making the stones myself. Buying a bag of concrete is a lot cheaper than buying the pre-made stones. This is a great project to do outside in this beautiful weather we’ve been having!

Baked Rice PuddingLast night I had a good bit of rice leftover after dinner. Suddenly, I had a taste for rice pudding. Now, I haven’t had rice pudding in probably at least 20 years, but I had the taste in my mouth and had to find a recipe. I found Paula Deen’s recipe for baked rice pudding and it was delightful! I had never had rice pudding with raisins, but I decided to try it. This recipe was very good, but I think I will make it without the raisins next time, since I’m not a fan of raisins anyway. My husband had never had rice pudding, and he was very impressed. I will be making this again! 🙂





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Weekly Favorites 4/25/14

I know, I know, I know…I’ve been promising pictures of things I’ve been working on for weeks….sorry. At this point, I’m doing good to remember to post weekly favorites each week. Trust me…there are plenty of things to share going on around here, but I’m too busy getting things done to write about them all. I guess I need to put writing on my “to do” list. I did find some great stuff this week to share though!

Monogram Spring wreath. This is a really pretty, happy spring wreath idea!I love this wreath! I really have nothing else to say other than I absolutely love this wreath.

Agapanthus beautiful spring planted bulbs give all summer color
This is a great list of bulbs to plant in the spring. I do not have a green thumb, but I have successfully kept my irises and day lilies happy for several years now. I love bulb flowers because they come back every year, and I never water them. I cut the dead flowers off but that’s about it. We took out the flower bed in the front yard in January and thew clumps of irises on a hill at the corner of the yard….they are blooming beautifully right now. These bulb plants are tough to kill, and they multiply like crazy so you only have to buy them one time. Let’s review…beautiful, hard to kill, and budget friendly….perfect for people like me who kill everything they try to grow.

Backyard DIY Game Ideas

I’m getting excited about the huge yard we will have when we build our new home, so I had to pin this for future reference. There are some cute ideas on this site!

popsicle recipes

I found this great post with 33 popsicle recipes. The cost of ice cream and popsicles has gotten ridiculous, so this is a great way to enjoy a yummy frozen treat. I found popsicle molds at the Dollar Tree the other day, so I plan to try some of these recipes soon. Let’s be honest, homemade fudgesicles are at the top of my list!

10 scriptures for everyday encouragement 1 WM

This post has 10 printable scripture cards to keep around the house. It’s so important to learn scripture and spend time with God daily, but sometimes we get so busy it’s hard to make that time. I love the idea of putting these cards where you see them while doing dishes or laundry. The more you read something, the more you remember it. This is a nice tool to help us spend more time in God’s Word daily.

It’s time to go enjoy this beautiful spring weather! 🙂






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Weekly Favorites 4/18/14

I had every intention of doing a couple posts this week on things I recently completed. However, I was completely distracted for various reasons. That’s ok, because it was my spring break, and I spent it doing what I wanted and having absolutely no schedule. That’s what spring break is for right? To be honest, I thrive on having a schedule. This is why on Monday morning I will be right back to making my lists and having some sort of routine. Until then, I’m going to enjoy a nice relaxing Easter weekend. As promised, here are some more Easter items I found and love!

Burlap Easter Bunny BannerI like just about anything made from burlap. I have all the materials to make this, but never got around to it. Since I’m in the midst of trying to sell the house, I have been working on finishing projects I had already started. I guess this will have to wait til next year, but I think it’s very cute.

Spring Easter egg sign decor, quick tutorial!  |via #spring #easterI just love the simplicity of this sign. It has the pretty spring colors and the chevron we all love. If I could only find what we did with my pieces of wood, maybe I could have made one for this year. The cleaning and organizing around here has caused some items to be misplaced…oh well.

Peeps Cake EasterRemember me saying I love peeps? Well here they are again! I think this is the cutest Easter cake!

cabbagesrockEdie, over at life{in}grace, always writes so beautifully. She wrote a post yesterday that I wanted to share. She also has great taste in music. At the bottom of this post is a link to listen to Mumford & Sons sing Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing. I always enjoy reading what Edie has to share, and I hope you will as well.

Happy Easter Y’all! 🙂





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Weekly Favorites 4/11/14

I have been working on a few projects the past couple weeks that I’m planning to share. Either I haven’t had a chance to type up the post or the project isn’t completed yet. Whatever the case, I hope to post about them soon. The madness of getting the house ready to sell then not feeling well has put me behind. That’s ok, because this coming week is Spring Break and I am hoping to get a lot accomplished…or just sit around and be lazy…we’ll see what happens! Easter is only a couple weeks away, so I thought I would share some of my favorites Easter finds this week and next week.

I think I love the carrot more than the bunnies! I actually made these with my after school kids a couple weeks ago. The bunny leaning forward is more challenging than the one standing up straight. If you want to do these with kids, I suggest only using the one standing up with them. They also really liked the carrot for both it’s cuteness and how easy it is to make. The kids and I enjoyed making these.

The Old Rugged Cross is one of my favorite hymns, so I love this printable. This is not just for Easter, but I wanted to share anyway.

Iron Craft Challenge #6 - Peeps PillowsI love peeps! To be honest, I have no idea why I love them, but I do. These are cute and look super easy to make. I had planned to make these this year, but life got in the way. Maybe next year, because they’re just too cute!

This is such a pretty Easter wreath! Gluing yarn to a plastic egg is all the skill that is required, so that means I still have time to make this before Easter! (Sadly, I doubt I will get around to it.) I love the colors chosen for this wreath, and the fact she wrapped the eggs two different ways just adds a little extra.

IMG_6520This is another project that can be displayed throughout the year. This string cross is so pretty and looks like it would be simple to make.

I’m off to enjoy this beautiful spring weather! 🙂





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Weekly Favorites 4/4/14

I’m so tired. Keeping a house ready to show is exhausting. I think I’m going to allow myself to craft some this evening just for the sake of my sanity. If people walk into a craft room, they should expect to see a little bit of a mess right? I’ve spend very little time reading blogs and looking at Pinterest this week, but I did find a few things.

Free printable "By His wounds we are healed." Isaiah 53:5 #Easter #SavedThis is a nice printable, since Easter is right around the corner. (Already?!?! This year is going by too quickly for my liking!) I plan to share more of my Easter finds as we get closer.

How to Make Liquid Hand SoapWe go through hand soap rather quickly around here. Probably because I wash my hands a million times a day. I found this simple recipe for homemade hand soap, and I plan to try it soon.

Loaded Chicken Alfredo Gnocchi Bake - an amazing and delicious combination of chicken alfredo, cheese, and baconYes. Please. This looks delicious! I have most of the stuff to make this, so hopefully I will remember to put it on the menu for next week.

CopyCat Chick-Fil- A Lemonade RecipeWho doesn’t love Chick-Fil-A lemonade? The good news is I have it from a good source that this is the recipe they use. The weather is warming up outside, so it’s the perfect time to try this recipe!

That’s it for this week! I think I will go wash some fabric, because I’m feeling the need to sew something 🙂





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Weekly Favorites 3/28/14

I’ve been so busy this week that I didn’t realize it was already Friday! I have spent almost no time online this week, so I didn’t find any favorites to share. However, we did complete two projects that have been in the works for a while. So those are going to be my favorites for this week!

Coat Rack

I’m loving my new coat rack! I’m going to be honest, I have yet to use it or to even put it in the room where I want it to be located. I just love how nice it turned out! It’s sitting in the living room right now, because I cleaned the carpet in our room today. I have a massive collection of coats and jackets that pile up in the corner where I walk in the door. This is going to be the perfect solution just in time for me to wash and put away all the coats and jackets for summer! There’s always next year…


This is our new desk! I liked it ok until I started staining it. After I saw it stained, I fell in love. Too bad this is my husband’s desk and not mine. The good news is that if we wanted to work side by side the desk is long enough for us to do that comfortably. It’s larger than I thought it would be, but it turned out beautifully.

In case you are interested, I found both the plans for these online and pinned them months ago. The coat rack directions can be found here, and the desk plans are here.

Most people get rid of furniture when they are planning to move…we just make more! Our furniture building is going on hold now until we sell the house. Until then, I will be making plans for our next furniture building adventure 🙂

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Weekly Favorites 3/21/14

It’s been a super busy week! But I have managed to get a few things done. I’m hoping to finish staining our massive back deck today so I can check that off our to-do list. I’ve gotten to the point where I think I would rather tear down the deck and replace the sliding door with a wall instead of staining it again. Now that I’ve gotten my complaints out of my system, here’s what I found this week!

I love this wreath! It looks super easy to make…now I just need to find the time.

Make this adorable Fabric Covered Easter Basket by covering a balloon. Love this!These are cute and great decorations for Easter. I really like this one and the one made of circles.

Make an Easter Egg Garland - so fun!  eclecticallyvintage.comI actually made one of these this week. It turned out cute, but my house is in such a mess right now I don’t know if I’m even going to do a full blown Easter mantel this year. We’ll see.

Amen! I love this printable. I want to paint a pretty frame to put this in on my desk. My list of things I want to make gets longer by the minute.

Soft, thick, and ultra chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake! No dough chilling, no dough rolling, so much easier than baking cookies.This is definitely going to be baked in my kitchen in the next few weeks. I love a good cookie cake, so I’m very excited to try this recipe. I probably would have made it today, but I had already prepared strawberry shortcake. (Another one of my favorites!)

I’m going to get back to my “to-do list”, so I will eventually be able to get back to my “want to-do list”! 🙂

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Weekly Favorites 3/14/14

Happy Friday! If you’ve had as busy of a week as I have, I’m sure you are just as excited to see the weekend arrive! I still have a ton of stuff to get done this weekend, but at least I can sleep in first! Here are some recipes I found this week and want to try.

I’m excited to try these freezer friendly ham and cheese pockets! Some nights I’m just not in the mood to make a sandwich for my husband’s lunch the next day, so being able to pull these out the freezer would be great.

Iced Caramel MacchiatoI enjoy a good caramel macchiato, but the thrify side of me doesn’t like the price I have to pay for one. I think I will have to give this recipe a shot. Since the weather is warming up, I’m ready for some good iced coffee. This may be just the recipe my thrify coffee loving heart desires.

Pizza on the GrillWe enjoy a good homemade pizza around here about every other weekend. This is a simple way to use up the extra vegetables in the fridge before they go bad.  However, I don’t enjoy heating up the house during the summer months. I think cooking pizza on the grill is just the answer to that problem. We will be trying this out for sure.

main-cauliflower-breadsticks-recipeI want to try these out of curiosity.  I would have never thought to make breadsticks out of cauliflower! I love bread, but I need to cut back on the amount of bread I eat. This is an interesting idea and I hope to have time to try it soon.

Key Lime PIeA couple weeks ago, I had a piece of really good key lime pie. Since that evening I have been craving more! I think I’m going to attempt to make one. We’ll see. If not, at least I have the recipe saved for future reference.

I’m going to go continue with my whirlwind of a day and hope I can keep my eyes open at least until it gets dark outside. 🙂

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Weekly Favorites 3/7/14

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to look at fun stuff on Pinterest this week. It’s just been crazy busy around here. Or maybe it hasn’t been busier, it has just taken me longer to hobble from one place to another after stepping on that nail. At least I’m hobbling around without crutches and can put weight on that foot now. Anyway, here are some things I have found that I thought would be fun to share.

I’m not sure if I have shared this recipe before, but let me say I made them last week. Yum! They didn’t last long. I was initially attracted to this recipe because it contains sour cream. After my experience making these pancakes, I knew these muffins would be yummy. They certainly did not disappoint. Go make them and thank me later!

Printable bias tape makerHave you ever stumbled across something you knew you would need later even if you didn’t need it right then? Well, that was my thought when I found this! This, my friends, is a printable bias tape maker! I have no intention of using it any time soon (mostly because bias tape drives me crazy), but I know there will come a day when I will want to use this.

reclaimed wood sign bible verse need to know that I love most everything she makes at Beyond the Picket Fence. All of her stuff is so pretty. This was posted earlier this week, and I love it.

Polka Dot Chalkboard Flower PotsI thought these were cute, and a great way to organize. I also thought this would be cute for planting seeds, since you can look easily to see what’s in each pot.

how to sew sock monkeyJust because I think sock monkeys are cute. This is a good tutorial on how to make your own. I haven’t tried it yet, but I do plan to at some point.

Now I have to go get a ton of stuff done so I can spend some time with my sweet Daddy this weekend. 🙂

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