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Reversible Cape

Before we moved out of the house this summer, I did a lot of sewing and crafting. I knew making gifts in the camper would limit what I could make, so I chose some gifts and made use of all that time I had to keep my house clean for showings. I would get the house clean and confine myself and the dogs to the craft room in the basement, because I figured people would understand if that room was a little messy. Anyway, one of the projects I finished were reversible capes for some friends’ two little boys. One of their birthdays was earlier this month, so I headed to the storage shed to find the cape I had made for him. Everyone loved it, and I had other parents asking me how to make them. This is simple to make and it looks super cute!

I found the tutorial for this here:  This little sewing project is definitely a keeper! 🙂

Green & Yellow Cape 2Green & Yellow Cape

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Weekly Favorites 12/27/2013

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! I’ve posted a lot of favorites over the past few weeks, but this week you will find out what I made for my family, friends, and neighbors for Christmas. I find things to make for Christmas and birthdays throughout the year. If I see something I know someone will love, I pin it on Pinterest and make a mental note to get started on that project. I love making homemade gifts, especially when I know the recipients really love them.

As I stated in a previous post, I wasn’t in a baking mood this year. So instead of cookies, the neighbors and some friends received a snowman with hot chocolate and chalkboard coasters. Some close friends received ruffle scarves. I didn’t take pictures of those, but they turned out cute.

Chalkboard Coasters                                 Hot Chocolate Snowman

Coaster Directions:
Hot Chocolate Snowman Directions:

I have a friend that loves anything Mickey Mouse. When I saw these ornaments, I had to make them for her!

Mickey Mouse OrnamentsI made this tote for my sister-in-law. This was the first one I tried that turned out really well. I tried to make myself one, but it’s waiting on a visit from my seam ripper. Now that I know how to make one successfully, let’s hope I can fix mine to be this pretty!

Tote BagI made this beautiful shell wreath for my mom, since she loves beach items. I picked up these shells last summer while I was there and bought the starfish at the little gift shop. I used a straw wreath form and covered it with burlap, then I added a pretty burlap bow.

Shell Wreath

I made my husband a holder for his thumb drives, because they are everywhere! He actually asked for one that would hold 12, so I came up with this design. Since I wasn’t able to find how to make these online, I plan to put together a post on how I made this one soon.

Thumb Drive HolderI also made him a blanket from all his old polo shirts. I found this tutorial to be helpful in understanding and planning this project. My sweet friend embroidered his initials on one of the blocks for me. I think that really added a nice touch to this blanket.

Polo Shirt BlanketFinally, I made my dad a pallet wood coat hook. My husband was putting the hangers on the back on Christmas Eve morning right before my dad arrived. Needless to say, I had no time for pictures before wrapping it! I distressed it with yellow and green paint, because my dad’s a John Deere kind of guy. It looked really nice when we finished it.

My plan is to take a break from making gifts and get my craft room painted and organized. However, I already have birthday gifts to make! 🙂

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Weekly Favorites 12/13/13

Although I don’t have kids yet, I have several kids in my life that I love dearly. At this point in time, there are a lot more boys than girls. So this list may be slightly biased. Usually when I pin something to make for kids, I have a certain kid in mind. I didn’t have time to make any of these this year, but I’m hoping to make some of the following projects soon. Here are some of my favorite ideas for gifts to give kids!

I always enjoyed playing hopscotch as a kid. I see this as a great way to help kids burn some energy on days when it’s raining or too cold to go outside. I also love that she put two other games on the backside of the hopscotch board. I really like this idea because, even though the hopscotch rugs are nice, this is a lot cheaper and will store a lot easier than the big rugs.

How cute are these superhero masks?! And if we have masks, we must have some…

CAPES! These are reversible and so very cute! I think what I like most about the capes is the ability to personalize them.

Now, let’s not forget the babies in our lives! They like toys too!

Owl Tag Toy Free Pattern and TutorialI fell in love with this little owl several months ago. The cuteness is just too much to handle!

I really like these too! I’m not sure I will like them after having to sew the squares together, but the cuteness is worth it.

Next week I plan to post my favorite gifts for neighbors. I’m sure there will be some kind of yummy treats on that list! 🙂

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Giving Books As Gifts

Books As Gifts

A couple years ago, a good friend gave me a book for my birthday. I absolutely love books. I read daily and enjoy a variety of different books. Now, you probably wouldn’t think giving me a book is strange. What was interesting was that she had already read the book and was passing it on! Some people may think that’s a weird form of re-gifting, but I loved it! Those of us who love to read accumulate lots of books. The Kindle has helped to keep my shelves less cluttered, but gifting printed books you have already read is a great way to pass on something you have enjoyed instead of letting the book sit collecting dust on a shelf. The key to gifting books is knowing someone well enough to know what they will enjoy. I had borrowed several books from this friend in the past, so she knew what kind of books I would enjoy. I do have some books that I really enjoyed and plan to read again, so those books I prefer to just let friends borrow. (This is also fun, because my friends stick notes in the books for me to find later telling me how much they enjoyed the books.) So, if you have a book collecting dust that you think a friend would enjoy, give it to them! You can even personalize it with a note inside encouraging them to pass it on to another friend. I just finished reading Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson and I already know who will be receiving that book for Christmas this year! Don’t let great books collect dust…pass them on and share the joy! 🙂

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