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Weekly Favorites 4/11/14

I have been working on a few projects the past couple weeks that I’m planning to share. Either I haven’t had a chance to type up the post or the project isn’t completed yet. Whatever the case, I hope to post about them soon. The madness of getting the house ready to sell then not feeling well has put me behind. That’s ok, because this coming week is Spring Break and I am hoping to get a lot accomplished…or just sit around and be lazy…we’ll see what happens! Easter is only a couple weeks away, so I thought I would share some of my favorites Easter finds this week and next week.

I think I love the carrot more than the bunnies! I actually made these with my after school kids a couple weeks ago. The bunny leaning forward is more challenging than the one standing up straight. If you want to do these with kids, I suggest only using the one standing up with them. They also really liked the carrot for both it’s cuteness and how easy it is to make. The kids and I enjoyed making these.

The Old Rugged Cross is one of my favorite hymns, so I love this printable. This is not just for Easter, but I wanted to share anyway.

Iron Craft Challenge #6 - Peeps PillowsI love peeps! To be honest, I have no idea why I love them, but I do. These are cute and look super easy to make. I had planned to make these this year, but life got in the way. Maybe next year, because they’re just too cute!

This is such a pretty Easter wreath! Gluing yarn to a plastic egg is all the skill that is required, so that means I still have time to make this before Easter! (Sadly, I doubt I will get around to it.) I love the colors chosen for this wreath, and the fact she wrapped the eggs two different ways just adds a little extra.

IMG_6520This is another project that can be displayed throughout the year. This string cross is so pretty and looks like it would be simple to make.

I’m off to enjoy this beautiful spring weather! 🙂





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Gingerbread Man Pillow

Not only have I been crafting like crazy to get all my Christmas gifts finished, I’ve also been working on a fun project with the kids in the after-school program. Yes, this will be our third week working on this project, but the kids have really enjoyed it. I found this gingerbread man pillow on Pinterest a couple months ago.

One of my goals with our arts and crafts time at school is to teach the kids some basic sewing skills. So they learned how to sew on buttons and how to blanket stitch over the past couple weeks. The kids have done very well, but they are having the most trouble keeping their needle on the thread. They are getting better though! I’ve learned it takes about three class periods of an hour to get this project finished. One of the girls came in twice last week, so I have one of 11 gingerbread men finished! Here is how her’s turned out.

Gingerbread Man Pillow

Isn’t he cute? All we had were the big buttons, so we opted to draw on faces. I think they still turned out great! I have two days left to get the rest finished, so I’m hoping that happens! This was a great project to do with the third through fifth graders, and I would definitely recommend it for that age group. They are at the age where you can show them what to do and they can do it on their own. I spent more time helping get needles threaded than anything else. This is a great project that the kids really enjoyed and they are turning out really cute!

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Stuffed Turkey Craft Project

Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to begin working in an after school program at a local elementary school. I have really enjoyed my almost two weeks of working there, and I am looking forward to getting to know the children that will be in my classroom next week. I will be working with third graders, however until they begin on Monday, I have been helping in the fourth and fifth grade rooms. This has been great because it gave me the opportunity to learn how the afternoon runs before going out on my own. On the first day, I was put in charge of the weekly arts and crafts projects for all the kids. The kids get to sign up for the activities they want to participate in each day, such as sports, cooking, arts and crafts, etc. Arts and crafts is offered as an option on one of the days. Since this is an after school program with fewer students, I decided to choose projects that teachers are not likely to have time to incorporate into their day. Let’s be honest, those hard-working teachers have a lot to teach and a short time to teach it! After doing some looking on Pinterest (why look anywhere else?), I decided on this very cute stuffed fleece turkey project.

Stuffed Turkey Kids Craft (Click picture for link to directions.)

I fell in love! Aren’t these the cutest turkeys? With some prep work, the fourth and fifth graders were able to make them in about an hour. They loved these turkeys and are now very excited to know what we will be doing in art next! My art class may soon rival the numbers in the gym class! That makes me super excited!

Here’s how my turkey turned out.

Stuffed Turkey CraftI couldn’t find any patterned fleece I liked, so I opted for adding designs to my plain fleece with sharpies. Allow me to warn you, sharpies do not dry quickly on fleece which will result in you having multicolored hands by the time you are done. I found a way to reduce this. After drawing a small area, use a tissue or paper towel to blot off any extra ink. This helps keep hands clean and keeps sharpie from getting everywhere if you happen to drop the turkey on your carpet (oops!). As a side note of this project, I found out hand sanitizer works great at getting sharpie off tables!

Overall, this was an easy and fun project that the kids really enjoyed. That makes me smile! 🙂

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