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Our New Home

on March 9, 2015




We have been enjoying our new home for almost a month, and we could not be happier! We thought we were going to get away with not having to deal with snow this winter….man, were we wrong! The Lord was really watching out for us, because we were able to move in the house a couple days before the snow and ice hit. So, this was the first finished outside picture that was taken. It ended up snowing two more times over the next couple weeks, so we were very grateful to be out of that camper!Finished Outside in SnowThis is my beautiful new kitchen that I absolutely love! I basically used the design of my old kitchen and fixed everything I didn’t like. Lazy susans in the corner cabinets make a huge difference in my ability to organize. Not having cabinets over the bar counter also gives me so much more light! I thought I would have less cabinet space, but I actually have more.

Finished Kitchen This is one view of the living room. The little nook to the left is our office area. We decided we didn’t want doors there right now, but had them frame it so we could add some if we decided to later.Finished Living Room 2 This is the view of the living room from the other end. We enjoyed those gas logs while it was snowing!Finished Living Room This is our master bathroom. We are loving have separate sinks! We put in a huge shower (across from the sinks), and a bathtub behind that little half wall. The toilet gets it’s own little room, which is across from the bathtub.Finished Master Bath This is the master bedroom. It looks really small in this picture, but it’s actually quite large. We now have our king bed and a dresser in there with plenty of room to spare. I’m actually thinking about getting a couple sitting chairs for a reading area in our room. To the left is our large walk-in closet…by large, I mean huge. It’s about 5 foot wide and 15 feet long. We only put the clothing racks on one wall, and my desk actually sits in the closet as well. Finished MasterAcross the house, we have two more bedrooms that share a bathroom, a linen closet and a broom closet. One thing our old house was majorly lacking was closet space, so we made sure to fix that problem with this house. We also have a bonus room over the garage where we put all the holiday decorations and all my crafting supplies. We are slowly finding a home for everything. Once I get my craft room set up, I can begin the fun part of creating some new things to put up around the house.

finished house

All that’s left is getting the grass seed planted. We just have to wait for it to stop raining long enough! 🙂


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