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We’ve Been A Little Cold

on November 19, 2014

We have adjusted fairly well to RV living, but we were also fully aware that once winter hit we would have to make some adjustments. It looks like fall decided to leave early this year and winter has already started. When we saw the temperatures were going to get into the 20’s, we made all the necessary preparations. We turned on the tank heaters, filled the tanks and disconnected the outside water source, then hoped for the best. Fortunately, all of these preparations worked well, and nothing in the camper has frozen…yet. What took us by surprise was waking up cold at 5am Tuesday morning. My face was freezing, and I knew something was wrong. I woke up my husband, and he realized right away that it was too cold in the camper. After working on the furnace for over two hours, he had to go to work, and I was still without heat. During his lunch break, he came home and pulled the furnace out. The guy at the local camper place was super nice and had it ready for pick-up by 5pm. It turns out a safety switch had gone bad and the furnace would not turn on unless that switch was working. After 14 hours with no heat in very cold weather, we finally were up and running again. The good news is I wasn’t too cold, because I got use to bundling up last winter when we were only running the wood stove. It wasn’t the most pleasant day, but it all worked out. We knew we would have bumps in the road living in the RV, and that was a chance we were willing to take. Now if I could get several more days of warm weather, I would really be a happy camper! 🙂


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