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Wrapped & (Almost) Roofed

on October 27, 2014

So those allergies I was struggling with turned out to be a good old fashioned cold. I figured this out when my husband got sick last Sunday night. Needless to say, last week was not a normal week. I did my best to keep enough energy to go to work, and he ended up home a couple days. Watching them build the house while home sick was better than TV! They had ended the previous week by having all the walls framed. They started the week by sheathing and Tyvek wrapping the house.

House with Tyvek wrap

Then they worked on odds and ends while waiting for a crane to come available. Evidently cranes were in high demand last week. Anyway, watching the trusses be craned up was very cool.

Craning the Roof

Roof In Progress

By lunch time on Thursday, our house looked like this!

Roof UpOn Friday, there was a guy working inside and a couple guys working on the roof. Hopefully they will have the house dried in before rain comes on Wednesday.

Back of House Roof

I’m excited to see what happens this week! 🙂



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