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The Walls Go Up!

on October 18, 2014

Saying this past week was crazy would be a slight understatement. Monday the crew showed up and worked all day preparing to put the floor down. I watched as their lift sunk into the already wet ground and left huge tracks. As I watched this, I prayed they wouldn’t lose control and slide into the house foundation. Fortunately, they were able to get everything done even in the very muddy conditions.

Tuesday brought some bad weather including tornado warnings. When you are living in a camper, tornado warnings are very scary. I just have to say I have the best friends in the world. Heather opened her home to me and the dogs, and Allison texted me to make sure we were okay while taking cover at her daughter’s preschool. I hate being a burden on others, but I’ve come to realize there are just some times in our lives when we have to accept the generosity of others and not feel bad about it. Taking cover at someone else’s home for safety is just one of those times. When I returned to the camper that afternoon, I found everything in one piece and massive amounts of water.


When the builder showed up on Wednesday, he dug some trenches to try to get some of the water away from the foundation. Then they set to work putting down the floors.


Thursday morning I had just returned home from running errands when the most exciting thing yet happened. I watched as the first wall went up! I honestly can’t put into words how excited I felt.

First Wall Up

By the time I went to work, there were three walls up. It was all I could do to get in the car, because I wanted to stay and watch all the action.

3 Walls Up

When I got home from work, all the exterior walls were up. Friday was the day I had been waiting on since we started this build. All the interior walls went up, and we got to walk through our future home. My husband and I went through and discussed various things, made a list of  questions for the builder, and we were both very relieved to see the rooms were the sizes we had hoped they would be.

Walls Up

One of the most difficult things about picking a house plan is figuring out if the rooms are the size you want. When we picked this plan, we were still in the old house, so we would take the tape measure and compare to what we already had in that house. Walking through the house yesterday confirmed we picked the right plan for us. We also picked the right builder for us, which is just as difficult a process. We told him things we didn’t like about the plans, and he changed them in a way that made sense for the flow of the house.

I know this sounds weird, but I can’t stop staring at our new home. I’m really grateful we decided to live in the camper here, because it is so much fun to watch the house be built. We would miss so much not being here all the time. It’s also very convenient for our ability to constantly communicate with our builder. We have learned through this process that having a builder that communicates well is very important. We talked to a few that felt like we had to pull teeth to get answers. That would not have work out well, because we have chats about several things on a daily basis.

Now I’m going to rest, because my allergies have decided to make life miserable. I’m hoping if I rest enough this weekend, I will be able to fully enjoy the excitement when they finish drying in the house next week. 🙂



One response to “The Walls Go Up!

  1. Jen Marcotte says:

    Loving your blog! First time I was able to pull it up and read it. Remember, I am only a phone call away if you need anything. Washer/Dryer, hot shower, if there is another tornado warning remember you can always reach me by texting me.

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