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Construction Begins!

on October 3, 2014

We have been living in the camper for three weeks now and construction finally began on our home this week! Construction was suppose to begin two weeks ago, but the bank sent our loan application to the wrong department. Let me just share how funny that is. We are dealing with a small local bank, so sending it to the wrong department meant it was sitting on the wrong person’s desk no more than twenty feet away. Since the loan committee only meets on Mondays, we had to wait until this past Monday to finally be approved. Our builder was ready to get started time he got the phone call. Tuesday morning he arrived and started measuring out where everything would go. By the time he left, the yard looked like this.

Painted outline

I thought this was spray paint until I got closer. This is a chalky substance, which means we had to make sure to keep the dogs away or the lines would no longer be lines and they would be covered in blue. My husband and I went out to look that night and became concerned. Looking at it now, it looks like we are building too small. However, we were warned we would feel this way at this point. It’s like when you pick out a Christmas tree that looks so small in the field, and when you bring it home it’s actually bigger than you thought. Since this is just painted on the ground, being open in the large area makes it look very small.

Digging Footers

They started digging on Tuesday, but most of it was done on Wednesday. By Wednesday night, the chalk lines were gone, and our yard looked like this.

Ready for Concrete

Thursday morning I headed over to the laundromat and knew they would be hard at work when I got home. I was shocked to find no one in the yard when I returned. I just knew I was going to have to navigate a maze of trucks and trailers, but I was the only one in the driveway. After lunch, our builder showed up, and I took the dogs out for their midday walk. Turns out they were waiting on the county inspector to come approve their work. They did not waste any time when the inspector left, because when I got home from work, the concrete had been poured.

Poured Concrete

This is where we will stay for the weekend. It has been raining off and on all day, so that’s all the work that will get done this week. Our builder was determined to get the concrete poured yesterday simply because he knew it would rain today. We are excited to see what gets done next week! 🙂


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