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Two Weeks of RV Living

on September 25, 2014

We have settled in to our new way of living and things have been quiet around here the past few days. We are still waiting on the bank, so nothing has been done with the house yet. I’m grateful we have had time to adjust and get the dogs settled before adding construction crews to the mix. The dogs and I go out 3 or 4 times a day and walk the perimeter of the cleared area several times, about 3 acres. In the evenings, my husband joins us for our walk after dinner.

Daisy on walk

Look at that smile! Our dogs are really loving the freedom of having more space here. I only walk them with leashes on our midday walk when there is a chance someone may come up the driveway. We have had the highway department repaving our road, so I also didn’t want them to get the idea they could go see the workers at the road either. We actually got two loads of the ground up asphalt for our driveway this week, so that will be used to fill in the places that keep washing out and give us a good base for our driveway. It’s been interesting getting in and out of our driveway this week, but they should be finished in the next couple days. Driving down the wrong side of the road on a daily basis has been fun.

Radar at window


Radar has found his favorite window spots. He has always greeted us and watched us leave from the window, so this just lets us know he is making himself at home. Unfortunately, his favorite window is the one over our bed. It’s a huge window and I cringe as a watch him stand on our pillows to watch us leave. I really don’t like dog hair in my bed, but there’s really no way to keep him out of that room. I have to keep remembering this is only temporary, and at least he doesn’t sleep on our bed….he just jumps up there to look out the window. Dogs in yard


I’m starting to get into a nice routine. I actually clean more in the camper than I did in the house. When one thing is out of place, it seems like the whole place is cluttered. I did some organizing earlier this week, so I am slowly finding ways to make this place look cleaner and a little larger. I do miss having my washer and dryer. Fortunately, we found a spot to hide all the dirty laundry. On the weekend, we go over to the local laundromat and get everything washed. Thanks to a friend, we found one that is very clean and safe, which really makes this process easier. I actually went by myself the other morning to wash our comforter.


Now that we are conquering cleaning, organization and laundry, we are beginning to work on the cooking situation. We have actually cooked in for the past several days, and are starting to get use to this. I can’t stock groceries like I did in the house, because there is no storage. However, I can still shop the sales, even if it means going to the store a couple times a week instead of just once.

The weather is cooling off, and we are starting to learn how quickly the furnace will drain the gas tanks. We added a heater to our collection of items this week, but I’m hoping we won’t need to use it for a while. I’m looking forward to enjoying this cool fall weather. 🙂


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