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We Survived The First Weekend!

on September 15, 2014

I had originally planned to do absolutely nothing this weekend, because I had worked so hard the past couple weeks getting the house ready and moved. I neglected to remember what happens after you move…you have to do all the little things to really get settled into your new home, or in our case, the RV. I’m constantly trying to find better ways to organize things because we are in such a small space. We are estimating that our current living situation is less than 300 square feet. When one or two things are out of place, the whole area feels cramped. However, it is quite nice when everything is put away and clean.

The house closing went without problems on Friday, and then we really began our grand adventure. Let’s be honest, there was really no going back at that point. Friday evening gave us some very nice weather, so we decided to enjoy being at our new location and cook our first dinner in the RV. If you are curious, we went all out and cooked fettuccine alfredo. Part of our learning curve is learning how to cook on a gas stove.

Saturday we went to the store for various odds and ends. We knew we needed to get some carpet to put over the RV carpet. Red clay + dogs= ruined RV carpet. We went to Lowe’s with the intention of getting some of the cheap stuff they cut off the roll for you. The guy there showed us some remnants they had on sale and gave us an even better deal since they needed to get rid of it. We got a nice piece of carpet that usually sells for $90 for a whopping $30! It was more than we needed, but we put the rest in storage in case we need to replace a section or two over the next few months. Let’s just say rolling out a large piece of carpet to cut inside an RV is interesting. The funny thing is I actually like this carpet and it’s a lot softer than what was in the RV.

Radar and new carpet

We also had to go TV shopping. The TV in the living area decided it didn’t like the trip and acted slightly possessed once we got it here. It worked perfectly when we bought the camper, but I guess over the two moves to get here something went wrong. The people at the RV place warned us random things like this would happen because the RV moves and rattles when it’s on the road. The other two TVs still work, but neither were the right size to put in the living area. Yes, this small space has 3 TVs! The people who owned it before us must have been serious TV addicts. We only get one station right now, so we are going to pull our massive antenna out of storage and hook it up so we can watch something other than what’s on Fox.

Sunday it rained most of the day and the weather got cool. Fall is definitely coming, but we will get at least a few more hot days before fall really sets in. We enjoy sitting outside with the dogs in the evenings, so fall is going to be very nice. I’m grateful I brought my favorite outside chair with us.

grass weekend 1

The grass is coming up well and my husband has been working hard raking and sowing more seed to fill in the gaps. In just the four days we have been here, the growth of the grass has been very noticeable. Since they haven’t started building the house yet, it’s the small things that keep me excited. We are hoping the house building will begin this week. I’m ready to have something else to watch beside the grass growing 🙂


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