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The Beginnings of Our New House: Electric & Water Lines

on August 27, 2014

Yesterday was a very busy day! I initially had no intention of heading out to the property, but I ended up out there for several hours. The power company was out there bright and early at 7am to dig the trench and install our power lines. We are very happy to be getting underground utilities, especially since they had to run the line over 300 feet from the road.

Digging for Electric and Water Lines

This guy dug the trench 4 feet deep and it took him over 3 hours to get it done. When it was finally finished, they ran that big red pipe you see in the bottom right corner all the way to the road. This is the conduit they used to run the power cable through.

Electric Spool

Thank goodness we did not need all that! We actually didn’t hardly put a dent in that spool, but it was cool to watch them carry it with the machine using that orange strap on the top. They also held it up by that so it would spin while pushing the cable through the conduit. Once that was done, they pushed in about 2 feet of dirt so our builder could lay our water line in the same hole.

Putting in the Water Line

Once the water line was in, they put in the red caution tape and covered everything up. I was glad I ended up going out there to experience this part of the process. The weather was beautiful and the electric company guys were super nice and helpful. Now we just have to wait on the water people and electric company to both come install the meters. Once they do that, we will have power and water!

As if this wasn’t an eventful enough day, our builder told us if we wanted a more exact number for the bank, we would need to go pick out what kind of brick we want. We wanted to go ahead and get that done, so we headed over to the brick showroom (Did you know there were such things?) to pick out which brick we liked best.

Picking Out Brick

Oh my! And this isn’t even all of it! I had no idea there were so many choices of brick. Once I recovered from the shock of this, I was able to make a decision fairly quickly. I’m talking less than 10 minutes. This has to be a record for me making a big decision, and let’s hope all our building decisions happen that quickly. Basically, I didn’t want something too light because of all the red clay. Let’s be honest, light brick in red clay will not stay light long. I didn’t want anything too red either. After sharing my thoughts with my husband, we agreed on our color choice quickly. Since I didn’t actually take a picture of it, I guess you will have to wait to find out what we picked! 🙂


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