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Weekly Favorites 5/9/14

on May 9, 2014

I just realized I forgot to post my favorites last week. I guess I was too busy enjoying my first day of summer, since Thursday was my last day of work for the school year. I love my job, but I’m glad to have my afternoons back for a while. I guess that means I have more time to try new recipes, craft and sew! Here’s what I found this week!

I just found this today, and it was added to my “must make” list immediately. I love a good wristlet/clutch. I haven’t checked the measurements on this yet, but I have high hopes of it being large enough to accommodate my phone. If it will hold my phone, keys, and ID, I’m making this very soon.

easy-tee-maxi-dress-how-to-sew-tutorial-make-1This dress looks so comfortable! It’s hard for me to find long dresses because I’m short, so I don’t own any. I would love to make this one for myself. I’m usually not one to pick white, but I’m loving this fabric as well.

50 amazing wood shim DIY project Tutorials @savedbyloves

This site has some really cute ideas for using wood shims. It slightly overwhelms me to look at all the ideas simply because I like so many of them. I have no idea which one to pick first!

How to Make Stepping Stones (she: Roberta) - Or so she says...This is a great tutorial on how to make your own decorative stepping stones. I had seen people decorate stones from the store, but I had never considered making the stones myself. Buying a bag of concrete is a lot cheaper than buying the pre-made stones. This is a great project to do outside in this beautiful weather we’ve been having!

Baked Rice PuddingLast night I had a good bit of rice leftover after dinner. Suddenly, I had a taste for rice pudding. Now, I haven’t had rice pudding in probably at least 20 years, but I had the taste in my mouth and had to find a recipe. I found Paula Deen’s recipe for baked rice pudding and it was delightful! I had never had rice pudding with raisins, but I decided to try it. This recipe was very good, but I think I will make it without the raisins next time, since I’m not a fan of raisins anyway. My husband had never had rice pudding, and he was very impressed. I will be making this again! 🙂






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