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Weekly Favorites 4/25/14

on April 25, 2014

I know, I know, I know…I’ve been promising pictures of things I’ve been working on for weeks….sorry. At this point, I’m doing good to remember to post weekly favorites each week. Trust me…there are plenty of things to share going on around here, but I’m too busy getting things done to write about them all. I guess I need to put writing on my “to do” list. I did find some great stuff this week to share though!

Monogram Spring wreath. This is a really pretty, happy spring wreath idea!I love this wreath! I really have nothing else to say other than I absolutely love this wreath.

Agapanthus beautiful spring planted bulbs give all summer color
This is a great list of bulbs to plant in the spring. I do not have a green thumb, but I have successfully kept my irises and day lilies happy for several years now. I love bulb flowers because they come back every year, and I never water them. I cut the dead flowers off but that’s about it. We took out the flower bed in the front yard in January and thew clumps of irises on a hill at the corner of the yard….they are blooming beautifully right now. These bulb plants are tough to kill, and they multiply like crazy so you only have to buy them one time. Let’s review…beautiful, hard to kill, and budget friendly….perfect for people like me who kill everything they try to grow.

Backyard DIY Game Ideas

I’m getting excited about the huge yard we will have when we build our new home, so I had to pin this for future reference. There are some cute ideas on this site!

popsicle recipes

I found this great post with 33 popsicle recipes. The cost of ice cream and popsicles has gotten ridiculous, so this is a great way to enjoy a yummy frozen treat. I found popsicle molds at the Dollar Tree the other day, so I plan to try some of these recipes soon. Let’s be honest, homemade fudgesicles are at the top of my list!

10 scriptures for everyday encouragement 1 WM

This post has 10 printable scripture cards to keep around the house. It’s so important to learn scripture and spend time with God daily, but sometimes we get so busy it’s hard to make that time. I love the idea of putting these cards where you see them while doing dishes or laundry. The more you read something, the more you remember it. This is a nice tool to help us spend more time in God’s Word daily.

It’s time to go enjoy this beautiful spring weather! 🙂







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