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Great Homemade Carpet Cleaner!

on March 24, 2014

I have a room in my basement that has a door to the back yard. The dogs are constantly in and out of this door bringing with them the red dirt from our yard. After getting past the initial big red area of carpet at the door, you can follow the paw prints where they circle the room when they come inside. It has never really bothered me that this carpet looks horrible. We have been planning for a few years to split this room into a shop and a laundry room, so I haven’t bothered to take care of the carpet like I should. Bad. Idea. Now that we are preparing to sell our house, this carpet has become a nightmare. I don’t want to replace it, so I have to get it clean. This is what it looked like, and let me just say this picture is being very generous with not showing how dark those stains are.

Carpet Before


I own a carpet cleaner, but I have not been impressed by it’s cleaning ability during the maybe three times that I’ve used it. I also don’t use it often because the detergent for the machine is so expensive. By the time I buy enough detergent to clean all the carpets in my house, I could pay someone to come do it for me. I decided to give this cleaner one more chance, but use a homemade detergent instead of the store bought detergent. Here is what happened.

Carpet During

Do you see that line? I just about jumped for joy! Does my carpet look brand new? Nope. But it doesn’t scream that it needs to be replaced anymore! There are a few stubborn spots that wouldn’t come out, but they are noticeably less visible. I can live with that.

Carpet After

This homemade detergent has made my day and is going to save us so much money! The only thing I didn’t already have in my house was liquid fabric softener. So I spent $1 on some at the Dollar Tree. Considering I only used two tablespoons of it today, I think it will last me a while. The recipe does contain vinegar, and it did have a slight vinegar smell. To be honest, I was too cheap  didn’t want to buy essential oils, so I didn’t have that to cover up the vinegar smell. It wasn’t a strong smell though, so it didn’t bother me. My carpet is now dry and it does not smell like vinegar.

I now know I have a great carpet cleaner and all it needed to work properly was the right detergent. I already have it filled and ready to do the other carpets in the house. I have high hopes after the difference it made on the basement carpet. Want the recipe? Go here and try it! You won’t be sorry! 🙂



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