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From Mirror To Cork Board

on March 20, 2014

We are in the process of moving our office downstairs. I’m using a whole room for my crafting supplies, desk, and bookshelf. My Dad brought up an old vanity for me a few years ago, and it has been sitting in the corner of the basement since it arrived. I decided it is the perfect size for a desk! My current desk is larger than I need, but it would make a great crafting table. So I got my husband to help me move the vanity into the room I claimed for crafting and desk work. There was only one problem with the idea of using the vanity as my desk. I don’t want to stare at myself in a very large mirror while I’m on the computer. 

MirrorI thought about painting it with chalkboard paint, but then I decided I didn’t want the chalk mess all over my computer. So I went over to Hobby Lobby and bought a roll of cork board. After sticking a pin through the cork board, I discovered one layer was not going to be thick enough. Fortunately, I had four cork squares I had used in my preschool classroom a few years ago. I removed their fabric cover and cut them to puzzle piece them together as the first layer on the mirror. I used my hot glue gun to attach the pieces to each other.

Mirror with first layer of corkNext, I laid this piece of glued together cork board onto the rolled cork board to cut a piece the same size. I glued the pieced together layer to the mirror and began placing the rolled cork on top. Push pins were used to hold the top layer of cork to the bottom until I was ready to glue them together. 

Cork pinned downOnce everything was lined up, I took a few pins out at a time and hot glued the top layer to the bottom layer. Since the top layer had been rolled up, it wanted to bubble up in the middle. Every time I glued a section, I pushed my hand from the middle of the mirror to the edge where the glue was to make sure it stretched out as flat as possible. 

Vanity with cork boardHere is the finished product. Well…not really. I plan to paint the desk and recover the seat. I just don’t have time for all that right now. That’s a project for another day. Right now, it serves the purpose I need it to serve.

Now it’s time to start moving all my stuff downstairs. 🙂






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