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New Fence!

on February 24, 2014

A couple weekends ago, my sweet husband was removing old cross ties from our front yard that were placed to mark a flower bed. While he was working on this, we noticed how bad our privacy fence was looking. Upon further inspection, we found it was rotted and in need of repair. This weekend we decided to take care of that, because who wants to do this kind of outside work in the heat of summer? Here is what one side of our fence looked like.

Old FenceOur fence wasn’t missing posts until we went over to see how easily they would come down. I pulled those down with one hand, so let’s just say it only took a few minutes for all of them to be removed. We have another section about this long on the other side of the house. It took us about four hours to do both sections, which isn’t bad for a nice weekend project. Here is what our new fence looks like.

New FenceWe know it’s not exactly straight, but that’s ok. We have to wait for the wood to dry out some before we can stain it, so it will match our front porch in a few weeks. We both admitted if we would have known how budget friendly this project was going to be, we would have done this a long time ago. We bought these fence posts at Lowe’s for $1.50 each. We were able to save the 4×4 posts in the ground, but the 2×4 boards along the back also had to be replaced. Overall, it was a quick, easy, and budget friendly project to help our house look nicer.

We also started building a new desk on Saturday night. After all the fence building on Sunday, we were too tired to work anymore on that project. Maybe we can finish it next week. 🙂



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