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Weekly Favorites 2/21/14

on February 21, 2014

I’ve been busy getting things done around the house, but I still found time to pick out a few things to share this week! Today’s list is a random mix of things I’ve found recently.

Sunflwer titleI’ve seen a lot of tissue paper flowers, but these are really cute! Maybe it’s because I just like the simplicity of sunflowers, but I would like to try these to see if mine would turn out this pretty.

I have fallen in love with this dress! It doesn’t look too difficult to make, so I think I may have to give this one a try.

Let me be honest, I will probably never make this dress. I just love the fact she made it from an old sheet. I love the design and how feminine the dress is, but I would have to find the right sheet to even attempt this project. The sheet she found was just so perfect for this dress that I can’t hold my expectations that high. This dress was just too pretty not to share.

How to Make Your Own Duvet (Comforter) Cover thumbnailI had never considered making a duvet cover out of sheets! That is just a fantastic idea that I may have to try very soon. I have a comforter that I bought on sale ($30!), but it is a very bland color. I think that comforter would make a great candidate for a new cover!

This I have tried, and it is oh so good! I got tired of constantly making strawberry smoothies, so I looked for something different. I found this and it is now a favorite. I even added a little banana to thicken it up a bit. Even for people like me who don’t care for bananas, they seem to make smoothies better. Now I buy bananas just to put in the freezer for smoothies.

I’m really happy the weather has warmed up! Now I actually feel like getting things done, which means I should be back to crafting soon 🙂


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