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I Hate Saying “Good-Bye”

on February 5, 2014

It’s very hard for me to say “good-bye”. Today is difficult, because our neighbors of over five years are loading up the Uhaul and moving. They are still waiting on their house to sell, so there’s a chance I may see them again. But for the most part, my time with them is over. We have been so blessed by having wonderful neighbors. As I think back to last summer, when we initially found out they would be moving, the one thing that stands out is my neighbor friend’s strong character. She told me she knew it was a blessing to live in this neighborhood where people still care and look out for each other. She also said she realized the Lord can take away things just as easily as He gives them. I was encouraged by her strength that day, just as I have been during every warm afternoon we have enjoyed sitting outside together. The Lord blesses us with many friends during our life, and I truly believe He knows exactly who we need in our life during different seasons. Now it’s time to go say our good-byes. Yes, I will cry…that’s just what I do. It’s ok though, because I know God’s will is perfect and there’s someone in Florida that needs this awesome family as their neighbor.

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.
~Ecclesiastes 3:1


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