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Weekly Favorites 1/31/2014

on January 31, 2014

We finally got snow! I don’t like it to be cold unless I see some snow. Now that I’ve seen snow, I’m ready for spring! I’ve found a lot of good stuff I want to sew for the spring and summer months, but I’ve been too busy huddled around the fireplace (currently our only source of heat in our house) to even think about venturing to the freezing basement to sew. Here are some things I’m planning to make myself when I can sew without my fingers getting frostbite.

I’m not usually a fan of wrap skirts, but I really like this one. I figure since I’m making it myself, I can find some way to keep it from coming apart in public. I was thinking about adding a button or two. We’ll see.

This skirt is more my speed. I love to wear skirts in the summer, but it’s really hard to find skirts that fit me well and are not too short or too long. If I’m sewing it myself, that is no longer a problem! I also love that this one has pockets. I can see this easily becoming a favorite summer item.

I saw this a while back and fell in love! I already bought the material, so this will definitely be happening soon.

This is very cute. I don’t think I could make this in 2 hours, but it still may be worth a try.

ImageI love this bag! This is high on my priority list of sewing projects to try. I don’t really care that it’s reversible, so I would probably add a couple pockets inside.

I’m just waiting on some warmer weather, or new duct work, whichever comes first. When it’s warm in this house again, I will head to the basement for some much needed sewing time. Until then, I will be by the fire with a good book! šŸ™‚


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