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Thumb Drive Holder Tutorial

on January 8, 2014

Thumb Drive Holder Tutorial LabelMy husband has a lot of thumb drives and requested a way to keep them all together. I looked online and found some pictures, but no directions for how to make a thumb drive holder. I decided to try this on my own and see what happened. For my first attempt, I don’t think it turned out too bad!

Here are some things you need to know about this project. First, I purposely did not put cardboard in the sides to make it sturdy. If you want a sturdier case, you will have to make the adjustments to add the cardboard. The reason I chose not to is because I knew at some point I would have to put this through the washing machine. The measurements were customized to fit his thumb drive “collection.” If you notice in the picture above, the drive in the bottom right corner has a huge rubber case around it. Due to the size of these, I made the pockets on each corner larger. If you do not need larger pockets on the ends, you will have to adjust your measurements accordingly. *Please notice this project accommodates 12 thumb drives. If you do not need that much space, you can adjust measurements to make it smaller.*

Materials needed:

  • Jean or other sturdy material
  • Fabric for inside pockets
  • 2 pieces of velcro
  • stitch witchery

Let’s get started! I made this case out of a pair of my husband’s old jeans and some scrap fabric I had around the house.

Thumb Drive Fabric Collage

Cut two pieces of jean (or any other sturdy fabric) 7 in x 8.5 in.  This will be your outside cover.
Cut two pieces of jean 3 in. x 3 in. This will be your closure strap with velcro.
Cut two pieces of fabric 5 in. x 8.5 in. These will be the inside pockets.

First, take your two 3×3 pieces and sew right sides together on three sides. Turn right side out, press, and top stitch 1/4″ along the three sides sewn together. Sew one piece of the velcro on in an X pattern close to the edge of the sewn end.  Set this piece aside for later.

Now, get your two pieces of 5×8.5 fabric. Fold them over right side together so it is a 2.5×8.5 piece, press, and sew with a 1/4″ seam. Turn right side out and press.

Thumb Drive Pocket Pieces

Get one piece of jean material and line up the green material down the sides. Pin in place on the right side of the jean material. (In the picture, I had pinned my pockets to the wrong side. Oops!)

Thumb Drive Pockets pinned in place

Now you will sew the pockets onto the lining making 6 pockets on each side. My end corner pockets are 1.5″ wide, and all the other pockets are 1.25″ wide. I marked my measurements and then used tape to guide where to sew my lines. I couldn’t find masking tape, so I used painter’s tape…it works just as well.

Thumb Drive using tape to sew

Yes, my pocket is still pinned to the wrong side of the jean material. It was about this point that I figured that out. After you have all the pockets sewn, it’s time to add the jean tab with velcro. Find the center along the right side of the lining. With velcro facing down, line up the raw edges and sew in place.

Thumb Drive pockets sewn

On the outer piece of jean, find the center along the right edge and sew on the other piece of velcro in an X pattern.

Thumb Drive velcro on outside piecePut the right sides of the jean material together lining up all the edges. Pine and sew 1/4″ along the edge leaving a hole for turning at the top. Turn right side out and press. Use stitch witchery to close the hole. Stitch all the way around as close to the edge as possible.

Your thumb drive holder is finished and ready to use! 🙂

Thumb Drive Holder Tutorial Label


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