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Weekly Favorites 12/20/2013

on December 20, 2013

Having great neighbors is truly a blessing. I may not get to spend a whole lot of time with the people who live around me, but we all have an understanding that we can call anytime if we need anything at all. That is a special relationship that I am very grateful to have. I’ve had to call a neighbor to make sure I had put my garage door down since we were going to be gone for a week. I’ve been called to help care for a small child who had been stung by a wasp. I’ve even been called to go feed a fish that a child forgot to feed before they left for a vacation. There may be weeks that go by without a word from a neighbor, but we can always pick up conversations like we just chatted the day before. I can honestly say I love my neighbors. At Christmas, I like to give my neighbors a little gift to show how thankful I am for them. Here are a few items I found that I think would be great gifts for special neighbors.

Baked goods are always a nice choice around the holidays. I opened my front door earlier this week to two cute kids holding cookies. If that doesn’t make your day better, nothing will! I like to make snicker-doodles, chocolate chip, and decorate sugar cookie cut outs. Rolo turtles are also very good, and one of my favorites.

This year I’m also planning to try this recipe for Eggnog cookies. It’s not Christmas until I’ve had eggnog, and the thought of using it in cookies just makes me happy.

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Eggnog Cookies | Cooking Classy

Some years, like this one, I decide to forgo all the cookie baking for neighbors and make something else. If you are not in a cookie baking mood, here are some other options.

I made these for my husband last year, and they were a big hit! They are cute and easy to make. This is something I plan to put together again in the future. They are just too cute not to make!

Ornaments make nice gifts for neighbors. They are simple, but can be personalized based on interests. I found this link for 39 ways to decorate glass ornaments a couple weeks ago. It’s a great place to start!

I think this is a unique gift that offers variety throughout the year. I like to change things up in my house based on the seasons, but I sometimes don’t have time to do a whole lot. This can be changed quickly and bring a seasonal touch to any room. I just might have to print these for myself!

Oven Mitt and Hot Pad DIYThis is a great tutorial on how to make the oven mitt and hot pad. It’s a simple yet practical gift.  When you cook every day like I do, it’s nice to have several of these floating around so they can be rotated and washed. This is another one of those sewing projects I’m going to make for myself this year. While I’m at it, I can make extras for gifts!

Hopefully you have already finished shopping and crafting for this year. If not, I hope you found something here you like. Most of these ideas can be made quickly, which is great for those last minute folks! 🙂


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