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Weekly Favorites 12/13/13

on December 13, 2013

Although I don’t have kids yet, I have several kids in my life that I love dearly. At this point in time, there are a lot more boys than girls. So this list may be slightly biased. Usually when I pin something to make for kids, I have a certain kid in mind. I didn’t have time to make any of these this year, but I’m hoping to make some of the following projects soon. Here are some of my favorite ideas for gifts to give kids!

I always enjoyed playing hopscotch as a kid. I see this as a great way to help kids burn some energy on days when it’s raining or too cold to go outside. I also love that she put two other games on the backside of the hopscotch board. I really like this idea because, even though the hopscotch rugs are nice, this is a lot cheaper and will store a lot easier than the big rugs.

How cute are these superhero masks?! And if we have masks, we must have some…

CAPES! These are reversible and so very cute! I think what I like most about the capes is the ability to personalize them.

Now, let’s not forget the babies in our lives! They like toys too!

Owl Tag Toy Free Pattern and TutorialI fell in love with this little owl several months ago. The cuteness is just too much to handle!

I really like these too! I’m not sure I will like them after having to sew the squares together, but the cuteness is worth it.

Next week I plan to post my favorite gifts for neighbors. I’m sure there will be some kind of yummy treats on that list! 🙂


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