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Bug Birthday Cake

on November 14, 2013

A good friend sent me a text one day asking if I would make her little boy a birthday cake. She said he wanted a bug cake and wanted it to be chocolate. I was thrilled to be asked! She sent me over a few pictures of ideas she had found on Pinterest, and I began to put my ideas together.

Bug Cake Top

I went shopping at Dollar Tree for some bugs. While I was making the cake, the plastic bugs were soaking in a warm soapy bath!

I made the chocolate cake using two box mixes and two different size pans. I made two layers with each size pan. The bottom of the cake was iced with chocolate icing. Then I put Oreos in my awesome Ninja blender and made them look like dirt in a matter of seconds. I used my hands to press the crushed Oreos all around the bottom of the cake. The top was iced with vanilla icing colored green. I refrigerated it over night to help everything stay in place. When I pulled it out the fridge, I used a fork to rough up the side of the top layer.  Then I wrote “Happy Bugday Jordan!” with the chocolate icing. Finally, it was time for the fun part! I used the Wilton icing tip #233 to put grass all over the top layer. It actually went very quickly, and since it’s grass and dirt there was no need for it to be perfect!

Bug Cake Side

After all the grass was ready, I added all the plastic bugs. I also used gummy worms around the base of the dirt.

I wish I had a camera to capture the look on Jordan’s face when he saw it! He thought it was so cool! I loved making this cake, because it did not have to be perfect! I think my mistakes added to the character of the cake and made it look more like grass and dirt. It was fun to make, and it was loved by all the kids! 🙂


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