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Giving Books As Gifts

on November 4, 2013

Books As Gifts

A couple years ago, a good friend gave me a book for my birthday. I absolutely love books. I read daily and enjoy a variety of different books. Now, you probably wouldn’t think giving me a book is strange. What was interesting was that she had already read the book and was passing it on! Some people may think that’s a weird form of re-gifting, but I loved it! Those of us who love to read accumulate lots of books. The Kindle has helped to keep my shelves less cluttered, but gifting printed books you have already read is a great way to pass on something you have enjoyed instead of letting the book sit collecting dust on a shelf. The key to gifting books is knowing someone well enough to know what they will enjoy. I had borrowed several books from this friend in the past, so she knew what kind of books I would enjoy. I do have some books that I really enjoyed and plan to read again, so those books I prefer to just let friends borrow. (This is also fun, because my friends stick notes in the books for me to find later telling me how much they enjoyed the books.) So, if you have a book collecting dust that you think a friend would enjoy, give it to them! You can even personalize it with a note inside encouraging them to pass it on to another friend. I just finished reading Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson and I already know who will be receiving that book for Christmas this year! Don’t let great books collect dust…pass them on and share the joy! 🙂


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